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This is unexpectedly not about make-up haha

reblogged before it was even finished.

my favorite thing is people constantly reminding sebstan he’s in it for the rest of his life


"TURN DOWN" my copilot screams, trying to grab the airplane’s controls from me

"TURN DOWN FOR WHAT" i scream back as i icarus this bitch




Change is coming.

this is the best picture on tumblr 

I love this so much

You Can't Always Get What You Want
The Rolling Stones


The Rolling Stones - 'You Can't Always Get What You Want'

This is awful camping weather but here we go





did he fucking decapitate someone?

he hit a woman who had a sling on her arm in that arm

i’ve been laughing at Hugh Jackman’s face for five fucking minutes 
And Michael does a Magneto hand

does fassbender say “oh jeepers” because i think he says oh jeepers

Avatar: The Last Airbender Rewatch
Avatar Characters + Favorite Items: Uncle Iroh + Tea


I’m surrounded by people who just wanna get blackout drunk for fun. Like nah man. Let’s go camping or take a road trip or do some stuff we haven’t done before. I wanna live.

i feel very negative about things today


I don’t like elitism. I like open access to whoever is nice and to whoever would like to come and join. There might be a screening process of a nice test. Like going, “Oh, are you nice?” And if you say ‘yes’ then you have to prove that you’re nice somehow with some subconscious hypnosis test or something like that

Take It Or Leave It
Cage The Elephant


"Oh why, won’’t you make up your mind?"

oh, baby.